What Should I Do If My Basement Floor Drain Is Backing Up?

There are many causes of basement drain backups and some can be resolved through simple ways while some require intricate professional intervention. The causes of backups vary and range from washtub basin issues to problems emanating from plumbing fixtures. They can be a nuisance hence necessitating immediate attention before they escalate and spiral out of control. This article shall try to establish each of the individual causes of these drain backups and how they ought to be remedied and what has to be done when the issue continues to be seemingly aggravated.


They can normally be traced in the floor drain. The main idea behind the installation of a floor drain is to drain the overflows and excess water. Definitively, this is its main purpose and any clogs in the same can cause unprecedented issues by obstructing the flow of water, which should be drained effortlessly, and without any hindrance and inhibition.

High water Damage

The floor drain is usually very dry and any clogs and blockages could be traced to the drain or the sewer main. The implication herein is that the blockage culminates into excess water hence subsequently causing the drain to back up. This has to be remedied forthwith by removing these clogs and blockages but if the situation goes out of hand, you should not hesitate from involving the services of a professional.


They are located in the main house trap that is solely responsible for the deterrence of gases from penetrating into your home. They play a very protective role hence guarding your home against seepage of these sewer gases. The plugs contained in these traps are very instrumental in the functioning of the whole system. They are so pivotal in that their mere removal culminates into very calamitous consequences as they cause the water to enter into your home when removed recklessly and devoid of the exercise of ample caution. The only solution is to involve the services of a professional, as the restoration of these plugs to their original position in this system is quite problematic. A certified expert can be able to intervene and bring this issue to a better resolve by affixing these plugs to the system in a manner that will permanently deter the water from entering your home.


This relates to issues that result from lowly installed fixtures, which are fixed without adherence to the recommended or stipulated guidelines. They can be prone and susceptible to clogs that ultimately cause basement drain backups. These issues are more frequent and prevalent in the toilet and the showers. However, there is usually no absolute certainty that they are chiefly liable or responsible as the underlying cause of the prevailing issue hence sufficient care ought to be exercised before dismantling the fixtures in a bid to sort out the clogs. A proper assessment has to be made prior to avoid fixing a problem that is non-existent or one that will not resolve the main deep-seated issue. To deal with a bigger and slightly prolonged problem, you ought to go deeper into the drain system. Often, you are not equipped with the requisite set of skills to do this hence meaning that you need to call experienced professionals to solve the problem.

Cleaning the Strainer

This solution is usually linked with a washtub and washing machines in general. Over and above the aforementioned causes, they are also responsible for excessive drain backups in the basement. This is not only limited to the washtub but also includes the laundry tub. The issue herein can escalate hence necessitating an inspection of the strainer. This is not overly complicated hence, it is quite easy to execute as a DIY job. The strainer should be properly checked before reattaching it. Concisely, this might not always work and in such instances, you ought to proceed and check the trap for any other lingering issues. More so, it can be further cleaned with a plunger to remove any dirt and related deposits. However, there is a possibility that resolving this could be problematic as the blockage in the trap might remain hidden and inaccessible thus implying that a professional expert will be required to fix the issue.

From the foregoing, the article has clearly explained what to do when confronted with a drain backup problem in the basement and in an exhaustive fashion. In case the issue manifests, you now stand to be properly guided on what to do or when to call a professional.