How to Survive Radon Testing in the Spring

Warm weather and flowering of plants characterize the spring season. It, therefore, makes an ideal time for deep cleaning. As you do your cleaning, you should not forget to test for the deadly radon gas. Radon Testing in the spring usually involves closing windows and doors to prevent compromising the results.

With the windows and doors closed in the warm weather, the indoor environment can sometimes prove unbearable. You find that you will be very tempted to open the windows and doors to increase circulation. However, since this is not permitted, you have to come up with ways to survive the unfavorable conditions during the test period. 

Plan Ahead 

Just like with any other project, lack of a plan means you are planning for the failure of the project. Being aware of the fact that there will be minimal circulation during the testing period, planning can help you prepare with ways of coping. Among the many ways you can adequately prepare for radon testing in the spring include closing windows and doors 12 hours before the start of and during the entire testing period, and gathering items that can help increase circulation in the house. You should also inform your family members of the testing, things to expect of it and the best way to cope with the unbearable indoors temperature. 

Familiarize Yourself with Do’s And Don’ts

Radon is a colorless and odorless deadly gas that emanates from the soil and seeps into our living spaces through cracks in the floor and walls. Testing for radon means the indoors must be maintained so as not to mix with the fresh air from outside. If this were to happen, radon in the indoor air would be diffused and fall below the alarm levels, thereby giving misleading results. Among the dos and don’ts, include closing all doors and windows 12 hours before and during the testing period, not operating the whole-house fans, not turning on the central HVAC system and window AC units, as this can diffuse the radon in the air. Another thing to note is that open doors should be accessed only when in need. Also, you can operate some fans, but only in the rooms, you are using. 

Set Expectations

Being restricted from opening doors and doors does not only cause some darkness in rooms; it also causes a prison-like feeling. This can cause some negative impact on the mental state of your family, especially kids and the elderly. Informing them of the impending radon testing and things to expect can help reduce the mental impact on your loved ones. As you do the explanation, ensure to be as detailed and clear as possible so that they are not caught unawares. Better still, you can instead take the family on a trip or vacation during the testing period. It will help prevent them from the trauma that comes with the high indoor temperatures, closed windows and doors, and limited movement. 

Check the Forecast

Just like any other season, spring has varying temperatures. Some days are hotter while others are cooler. Testing for radon during warm days may not very advisable; it adds to the high temperatures indoors and makes the situation worse. It is advisable to schedule the testing during the cooler days of the season. It will help reduce the effects of high temperatures inside the house and make it easier to survive the testing. Even on that cooler day, let it be later in the day to make it even easier to survive the testing. 

Provide Access 

Another hack for surviving the challenging radon testing period is to provide easy access to the technician. The easier you make it for the technician to access the house, the faster they will get the job done and ‘release’ the house back to you. The trauma will be less compare to when they have problems accessing the house. At the same time, easy access to the house makes work easier for the technician so that they produce credible results. If possible, let everyone use the door only for access to reduce the chances of letting in fresh air from outside. 

No matter how strong the urge of opening windows and doors is, try to resist it. If this is not done, the technician may demand a retest and this will exert more pressure on your mental health. You will want to play by the laid down procedures so that the technician gets done as soon as possible.