Does Opening Windows Reduce Radon?

Building in balance over the dangerous radon gas - concept illustration

This is the most asked question as to whether opening windows can help reduce radon in the house. The answer to that is vague. It is yes and no. Yes, because in some cases opening the window will temporarily lower the radon levels. It can also be a no because opening your window might be … Read more

What Is Radon Testing & Is It Necessary?

The danger of radon gas in our homes - concept illustration

Radon is the byproduct of decaying uranium and can be found in large quantities under almost 50% of Colorado homes. Unfortunately for its residents, Colorado sits on a large number of uranium deposits in the soils, stemming from its geological formation. Radon is a gas that is colorless and odorless, which is what makes it … Read more

Will a Dehumidifier Help With Radon?

How radon gas enters into our homes due to the temperature difference - concept illustration with a cross section of a building

Radon gas poses serious health issues, regardless whether you will be living in the house or want to sell it to another family. Since radon can be hard and expensive to get rid of, some homeowners try to look for less expensive and easier methods to eliminate it. One idea that people think of is … Read more