​​Is There A Safe Level Of Radon Gas?

Danger of radioactive contamination from RADON GAS - concept with warning symbol of radioactivity on road sign against a building lot and vacant land available for building construction.

Buying a house can be a bit like falling in love. You shop around, seek advice from friends, and when you find the perfect match, lay it all on the line and pop the question. But even after a seller has said yes to your offer, you’ll need to complete a home inspection, which often … Read more

How Is Radon Measured?

Portable information device for monitoring radioactive gas radon

Measuring the radon levels in your home is key to keeping everyone inside safe, and the only way to measure the levels is with a radon detector. What is an acceptable radon level can vary from one country or state to the next, and those acceptable levels will depend on the type of rocks and … Read more

Are New Homes Radon Resistant?

Home Under Construction with Sunlight

The presence of radon in your home can be a serious health concern for you and your family. In Colorado, two geological phenomena put most of the state in the highest risk category for radon. One is sediment that was deposited by glaciers; the other is shale outcropping. Both are associated with high amounts of … Read more