How Is Radon Measured?

Portable information device for monitoring radioactive gas radon

Measuring the radon levels in your home is key to keeping everyone inside safe, and the only way to measure the levels is with a radon detector. What is an acceptable radon level can vary from one country or state to the next, and those acceptable levels will depend on the type of rocks and … Read more

Are New Homes Radon Resistant?

Home Under Construction with Sunlight

The presence of radon in your home can be a serious health concern for you and your family. In Colorado, two geological phenomena put most of the state in the highest risk category for radon. One is sediment that was deposited by glaciers; the other is shale outcropping. Both are associated with high amounts of … Read more

How Do You Know If You’ve Been Exposed To Radon?

X-ray image of chest. Lung cancer concept

If there is a radioactive gas in your home, you definitely want to know if you’re being exposed to it. Radon is a dangerous, potentially deadly radioactive gas that can be affecting millions of people every single day. Radon can be found in the soil under our houses, where it can eventually seep into our … Read more

Who Is At Risk For Radon Exposure?

multi-ethnic women and men ranging from 18 to 65 years

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas you can’t see, feel taste, or smell. It’s produced when uranium, thorium, and radium break down in soil, rock, and water. It’s then released into the air.  Radon gas leaves the soil and becomes part of the air and water.  It can be in the air around you … Read more

Is There Radon In My Granite Countertops?

Kitchen with granite island

Natural granite’s beauty lies in its vast array of colors and patterns, created from the presence of elements and minerals in the rock.  Although granite countertops draw their beauty from the natural world, can they also contain naturally occurring radioactive elements? Elements, such as uranium and radium, break down over time and emit radon gas.  … Read more

5 Things To Do After a High Radon Test

Radon testing magnifying glass

As you may have heard from us before, testing your home for radon is an extremely important action to take for your lung health. Radon being the second leading cause of lung cancer (second only to smoking) is something we should all be mindful of no matter where we reside. Once you have taken the … Read more

Why Do Radon Levels Fluctuate?

Danger of radioactive contamination from RADON GAS - concept with warning symbol of radioactivity on road sign against a building lot and vacant land available for building construction.

Radon levels are constantly changing – hourly, daily, and seasonal fluctuations are all common. If you have tested multiple times and received back differing results, don’t be too alarmed – this is common! There are many different factors contributing to radon levels, but essentially, changes in the air pressure inside and outside your home affect … Read more