What are Signs of Radon Poisoning?

House in flames or with Asbestos or Radon Radiation

There are quite a number of toxic gases that have been proven to cause harm to your health. Some of the most common gases that we may be exposed to include carbon monoxide and methane. Radon is an equally toxic gas that many people do not know about. It is dangerous to our health and … Read more

Is Radon Higher In Vacant Homes?

Presence of radon gas in the air

Radon is a naturally occurring gas. It is fatal if allowed to build up though there is no stipulated level that can be deemed dangerous. Exposure to radon for a long time can pose several risks such as lung cancer.  Many often worry about the radon levels in vacant homes more so if the house … Read more

Can Radon Gas Cause Cancer?

The danger of radon gas in our homes - concept image with an outline of a small house with radon text against a cracked brick wall

Radon is a radioactive gas that can cause cancer. It can easily seep into homes and buildings undetected, so it is important to know what the risks are and take precautions. A professional should check radon levels in your home if you live in an area where radon accumulates or have been exposed to high … Read more

PineBreeze Radon Mitigation Introduction

Keeping your family safe by reducing the amount of radon gas in your home is very important. In Colorado, radon testing and radon mitigation are essential as the amount of radon gas in your home can be drastically reduced if detected and mitigated properly. Unfortunately, radon gas in Colorado is a common, naturally occurring radioactive … Read more

How to Measure Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor Air Pollution word cloud.

It is important to note that the air inside our houses maybe five times more polluted when compared to the air that is outside. This is key to realize so that awareness can be spread not only on outdoor pollution that has been widely advocated but also in matters concerning indoor air quality and the … Read more

What is a Radon Mitigation System?

radon under the home

Radon is a very harmful, potentially deadly, colorless, odorless gas that is located in approximately 50% (or closer to 75%, according to the EPA) of Colorado homes. There’s nothing anyone can do about that – Colorado is a state that sprang up over a wide and diverse area, however, geologically, the entire state shares one … Read more