How long have you been in business?
We have been Teller County Co contractors since 1998

Are you family owned and operated? 
Yes, we are a family owned and operated business

How involved is the owner in the business?
Tyler Shull is currently involved in the property assessments and estimates of each mitigation system along with each installation.

Are you insured?
Yes we are insured within the guidelines established with NRPP and the radon mitigation industry.

What forms of payment do accept?
We accept credit card, check or cash payments.

What areas of Colorado do you service?
Mostly we service The Pikes Peak and the front range of Colorado, along with southern Colorado areas.

Do you provide services for both residential and commercial?
Yes, we provide service to both residential and commercial properties.

Do you provide services for log homes?
Yes, we do provide radon mitigation services in log homes

Do you provide services to mobile homes?
We can, based on the assessment of a mobile home if mitigation would be warranted with whatever the foundation or (skirting) building material is.

Do you guarantee your results?
Yes we do guarantee the results of our mitigations to lower the radon levels to at or below the 4.0 standard. In extremely rare circumstances the property construction will not allow for this guarantee to be in effect. In these extremely rare cases, the client is notified of what would need to happen with the property’s construction to allow for the guarantee to be in effect. For example, demolition and then repair of walls to allow sealing of slab foundation cracks that could not be reached with walls in the way.

Is there a warranty on the products you install?
We provide a 10 year fan warranty with our systems, whereas other radon mitigation companies only provide a 5 year fan warranty. We also provide a lifetime system warranty, that our system will keep the radon levels to 4.0 or lower.

Do you come back and make sure the radon is being removed properly?
Yes, we do. Our clients are given a radon levels testing kit with detailed instructions from our installers, including proper location and procedures for the testing.

How quickly can you test my home?
The radon levels testing kits can be staged 24 hours after the mitigation is complete. This timing ensures that the mitigation has had time to start working on pulling the gas out from underneath your property. In rare cases depending on the soil type under your home or the moisture content, our clients are instructed to wait a little longer to stage the radon testing kit for the soil in the suction pit to dry out, or the soil is extremely compacted and there is difficulty to extract the radon gas.

If I test high for radon, how long does it take to mitigate it?
The mitigation process in general usually takes 3-8 hours depending on system design complexity.