Do Radon Mitigation Systems Decrease The Value Of Your House?

Many people are usually very hesitant when it comes to radon mitigation systems. When acquiring a house, one fitted with these systems often attracts a lot of concerns that are normally difficult to alleviate due to the deeply embedded belief that they culminate into a sudden decline of the value of a house hence compromising and hugely affecting the potential possibility of its resale in case of a desired disposal.

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is deemed harmful and toxic when it exceeds certain stipulated levels. This requires frequent radon tests to remedy the same and even though the instances of harm are rare and they occur sparingly, this still necessitates the installation of radon mitigation systems to help regulate these levels and avoid any issues. The several myths surrounding these systems are yet to be demystified like the reduction and diminishing of the home’s value and these misconceptions can be fatal if there is no ample clarity on the same. This article shall purpose to elucidate on this blurry question.

Deconstructing the Myth

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Radon is not harmful in very low levels and more so, it is quite easy to detect, control, or regulate. The existence of radon mitigation systems rarely bars anyone from proceeding with the acquisition of a house provided other elements guiding the purchase remain perfectly aligned. Often, this system entails additional benefits, which could actually boost the home’s value and increase the anticipated proceeds of a sale. It can be very useful in the deterrence and control of mildew hence proving to be useful in another way besides the intended mitigation of radon.

The idea that the system affects the value of the house remains quite misplaced. It has flourished due to the paucity and lack of ample information about this gas. More so, the fear associated with the gas has scared many people away upon its utterance and a cursory glance of these systems. This fear is usually not premised on solid facts since radon is rarely harmful especially when emanating from the soil and occurring at very minuscule levels. Further, the presence of radon mitigation systems does not necessarily imply the presence of the gas in colossal amounts such as to cause harm and danger.

Mitigation is in the strictest sense of the world nothing but control. Control could also be preventative in nature hence rendering it ideal to approach this matter of radon mitigation systems with caution to curtail the probability of misconstruing the same and arriving at indefinite and utterly wrong conclusions.


As briefly cited above, the radon mitigation systems normally imply that the levels of radon will be at a bare minimum. This is a huge advantage, especially to a prospective buyer. They should therefore result in an appreciation of the home’s value and not a decline.

Legal Regulatory Requirements

Many states have clearly provided that radon tests are mandatory before occupancy. Even though there are no exclusive fundamental prescribed laws pertaining to the installation of radon mitigation systems, they still help towards the attainment of the legal objectives and compliance towards ensuring that homes are tested for radon and sufficient measures taken to curb the increase of this gas above the provided levels. It is therefore in tandem with the attainment of this goal hence it defies logic to harbor the idea that the system would lead to a decrease of the house’s value. This would be self-defeating hence making it crucial to stress that radon mitigation systems are in fact very helpful towards increasing the house’s value and its overall appeal to prospective buyers.

Buyer’s Specifications

Many buyers will require that you not only have the house tested for radon but also have the home fitted with the mitigation systems as a prerequisite preceding a possible purchase. Having a test performed in advance and the systems installed prior places you as the owner in a very advantageous position since you have already anticipated the purchaser’s needs and proceeded to act accordingly. The idea of reduced house value, therefore, remains fictitious and value increase upon the installation of the aforementioned systems remains inevitable.

Contrary to popular opinion or belief, radon mitigation systems rarely decrease or jeopardize the value of your house. It is true that some people might have the fear of acquiring a house with a radon issue regardless of whether it is under control or not. Suffice to say, all houses have radon as it is naturally occurring and it is better to buy one where control measures are already in place.