How Are You Exposed To Radon?

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Although more and more people are starting to learn about radon, many people still haven’t heard of it. Have you heard of radon? If you have, it was likely during the sale or purchase of a home. If you haven’t, you’ll be surprised to find out that the health effects of radon can be devastating. … Read more

Are DIY Radon Mitigation Systems Effective?

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DIY Radon Mitigation Trend Spring is almost here and that’s normally the time of year when most people are working on improving their homes. In most cases, a DIY project to spruce up the home makes a massive difference when done right. DIY can be a wonderful opportunity to learn and connect with people that … Read more

Is Radon Higher In Vacant Homes?

Presence of radon gas in the air

Radon is a naturally occurring gas. It is fatal if allowed to build up though there is no stipulated level that can be deemed dangerous. Exposure to radon for a long time can pose several risks such as lung cancer.  Many often worry about the radon levels in vacant homes more so if the house … Read more

Why Does Colorado Have High Levels of Radon?

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Radon is a natural byproduct of the decaying of uranium that is found in approximately 50% of homes in Colorado. Radon is mostly found in gaseous form and is given off when uranium reaches a certain level of decomposition and becomes another element – radium – radium then further decays and gives off radon gas. … Read more