5 Things To Do After a High Radon Test

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As you may have heard from us before, testing your home for radon is an extremely important action to take for your lung health. Radon being the second leading cause of lung cancer (second only to smoking) is something we should all be mindful of no matter where we reside. Once you have taken the … Read more

DIY Fixes to Reduce Radon

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While using a certified company to both tests for and mitigate the radon in your home is recommended, there are some simple DIY tips to reduce radon levels that don’t require a third party.  This article gives residents in Colorado the tools to reduce radon in their homes. Read on to learn about these helpful … Read more

So Your Home Has High Radon Levels. Now What?

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You’ve tested your home for radon as we keep urging you to, and, surprise! You discover your levels are dangerously high. Now what? First, relax: you’re not alone. One in 15 homes across the country tests positive for dangerous levels of radon, an invisible, odorless gas that causes lung cancer. Radon is a radioactive gas … Read more

How to Measure Indoor Air Pollution

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It is important to note that the air inside our houses maybe five times more polluted when compared to the air that is outside. This is key to realize so that awareness can be spread not only on outdoor pollution that has been widely advocated but also in matters concerning indoor air quality and the … Read more

How to Survive Radon Testing in the Spring

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Plan Ahead  Just like with any other project, lack of a plan means you are planning for the failure of the project. Being aware of the fact that there will be minimal circulation during the testing period, planning can help you prepare with ways of coping. Among the many ways you can adequately prepare for … Read more