3 Common Radon Mitigation Questions

Radon system relocation in Pueblo, Co

One of the most common questions about radon mitigation we get from our clients at Pine Breeze Mitigation after they see their elevated radon levels and learn they need a radon mitigation system is if it’s going to require a lot of maintenance. Fortunately, properly installed radon mitigation systems only require occasional maintenance and can … Read more

Will a Dehumidifier Help With Radon?

How radon gas enters into our homes due to the temperature difference - concept illustration with a cross section of a building

Radon gas poses serious health issues, regardless whether you will be living in the house or want to sell it to another family. Since radon can be hard and expensive to get rid of, some homeowners try to look for less expensive and easier methods to eliminate it. One idea that people think of is … Read more