5 Types Of Radon Mitigation Systems

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Every homeowner should be concerned about the effects of radon gas in their home. Radon is a toxic, odorless gas that can cause chronic respiratory illness if you or your family members are exposed to it over a long time. Taking precautionary measures to reduce the radon gas levels in your home not only increases … Read more

Can Radon Contaminate Objects?

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Radon is a naturally occurring gas that has caused a stir in homes where people live in constant fear. In a household setup, many people are not aware of the safety of this gas and the potential danger or harm that it can cause. There are many myths surrounding this topic hence the constant worry … Read more

PineBreeze Radon Mitigation Introduction

Keeping your family safe by reducing the amount of radon gas in your home is very important. In Colorado, radon testing and radon mitigation are essential as the amount of radon gas in your home can be drastically reduced if detected and mitigated properly. Unfortunately, radon gas in Colorado is a common, naturally occurring radioactive … Read more

What is a Radon Mitigation System?

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Radon is a very harmful, potentially deadly, colorless, odorless gas that is located in approximately 50% (or closer to 75%, according to the EPA) of Colorado homes. There‚Äôs nothing anyone can do about that – Colorado is a state that sprang up over a wide and diverse area, however, geologically, the entire state shares one … Read more